Summer Hoorah

Not a care in the world

Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle

Smile, it's your birthday.

It's the ‪Love Month‬! Let's make everyday the day of love <3

Through the Years Through the Years Through the Years Through the Years

Beautiful in Every Shape

Clusters of Pink


Spring Dancer

Nostalgic Mornings

Memory Wheel

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Like Magic

The Queen

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Believe in something beautiful once again.



Bidding farewell to something beautiful does not always have to be saddening.


Little buds remind you how your childhood summers were and find yourself wishing you could go back.

They say candles bring light to one's soul and hope in one's heart. They dance slow to the rhythm of one's desires and every melting second is a promise to be reborn into something new.

Colors of Dawn



Thank You


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All you need is love and an overflowing cup of hot chocolate.

Life is worth remembering II


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Father and Son



A Rose