Each Moment

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Uh oh









Smile borrowed from Mona Lisa.

Tondol White Beach, Pangasinan, Phiippines May 2013
Tondol White Beach, Pangasinan, Phiippines
May 2013

Guide to a happy life #3: Poke holes on sand before turning 8.

Paranaque, Philippines May 2011
Paranaque, Philippines
May 2011

Big Round Blacks


My girlfriend Joan's nieces Clang-clang & JC, and nephew Tata May 2011 Parañaque, Philippines
My girlfriend Joan’s nieces Clang-clang & JC, and nephew Tata
May 2011
Parañaque, Philippines

Sam & Joan

Early 2012, my girlfriend, Joan, and I welcomed Sam to our humble home for a short period of time, until her mom, a breast cancer patient, recuperated from her surgery. Sam’s family lives next to us, and at the time, not one from her seven brothers or sisters, not even her dad was willing to take care of her. Sam was such a lonely child, she rarely smiles. Her eyes were big and they showed certain sadness, as if she was aware how badly her mom was suffering and so she’s mourning in advance. We love her so dearly and we wished someday we’d be deserving to legally adopt her, but we just couldn’t, as her rich aunt would take her if (or when) her mom died. Her name would then be legally changed to Sarah. Her little, pink, plastic, tea set makes her really happy.

Children in B&W

Photos taken by Joan Botabara in Tabaco, Albay, Philippines, June 2011



 The kid was ignorant of pain until someone decided to scar him forever.

He’s 10 months old, innocent, unknowing, and was conveniently beaten by his mother several times to the point of bleeding and swelling. He grows up bearing the pain all throughout his body every time his mother goes home at night, drunk, and without food to eat. He will not have any sense of learning and will give in to his curiosity of how it is to forget using what a fellow sells him for five bucks. He’s going to grow up bearing scars and such hatred that would drive him into becoming one of those scumbags society gravely disowns. He bears them all until he gets to jail from stealing food. The police will abuse him morally and physically until he’s provoked to kill and hurt himself even more and be the monster that was made to be.

Now other people wonder why I could hate people this much.

Just a quick thought: men, women, people, who are extremely disinterested of raising children, let alone of being good at it, do not have a speck of right to multiply and should resort only to masturbation.