Summer Hoorah

Not a care in the world

Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle Crizelle

Smile, it's your birthday.

It's the ‪Love Month‬! Let's make everyday the day of love <3

Summers are made for friends

Three Hearts

A Cloudy Pre-sunset

Through the Years Through the Years Through the Years Through the Years

Beautiful in Every Shape

Clusters of Pink

Signing Off

Each Moment

Morning Gloom



Fresh organic produce from a friend’s family’s farm in Cavite, Philippines

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Backyard Day Break

Missy and Ally DSC01784 (1024x681)-2 DSC01785 (1024x681)-3 DSC01787 (1024x681)-4

Like Magic


The Queen


Secrets on Sand

Parting Rays

1-DSC01674-1 (1024x682)

Brown and Green

Quiet Afternoons

Apollo's Blur

Dark Sunshine

Dusk's Kiss

Believe in something beautiful once again.



Summer Fields