The Good Wife

The Good Wife


I have never really

thanked you
for letting me into
your life
without reservations
or asking anything in return
and you should know
that no one
ever dared to do
anything like it before
your kindness healed me
and made me turn to
a certain hopeful
my life’s once
in an undeserving place
until you held me
with your arms
and picked me up
and convinced me
that life wants me too
you made me see
how selfish I had been
for constantly searching
errors in beauty
for trying so hard to find
sadness in every opportunity
for closing every door
happiness knocks on
and for believing
death was the only escape
while I could see
with my own eyes
how had life
been way more unforgiving for you
than it would ever be for me
since then I wondered,
how I could take you away
from all the pain life has to offer
and I thought of a perfect plan:
As you read this
there is something
you should know
there is nothing else
I would ever desire
to do than be with you
to hold you, protect you
to my last breath
until we part on this earth
and meet again
on the other side

Your love has set me free.

Have you been

By love so strong
It breaks you
As it hits you
Scarring you
To the bones
Have you been
In a cage so cruel
Suffocating, strangulating
From ceiling
To the floor
Have you been
By a thousand
Unlawful lashes
Skin after skin
Drops after sad
Pitiful drops of blood
I had no choice too
As I succumbed
To the feat of
My fear
It seems endless
and you just want to let go
but you can’t
but you sure are held
and no matter
how painful
You just want to go on

They say stars

Are a place
Where angels dwell
A thousand
And glowing wings
Within the hypnotizing
Angels sing
They zoom into
Clouds of different
They visit the moon
To give it a kiss
To carress
And nurture it
During its
Mighty solitude
They feed on the calmness
Of the evening wind
The silence
Gives them sanity
And serenity
Gives them wit
They say they celebrate
The beauty of every song
The words,
They constantly long
They say when
Gravity’s pulling
Too strong
They hold their
Heads up
They do not bow down
They soar
Many times
I wished stars
Were a place
For someone like me
To be among
And be as free

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I called just to tell you

that I didn’t really have anything to say
I just found myself dialing your number
and talking to you now
In any case that you
would want to hear me speak
here I am now speaking
letting you hear me
with my voice all throaty
from hours of sleeping
and longer hours of thinking
If you wondered why I’d gone
for a time so long
I just wanted to say
I was looking for a long lost soul
which I thought I knew but I didn’t
that didn’t want to be found
by all means
if you had any question at all
as to why the soul became lost
please do ask
while you have me on the phone
I was sort of busy, you see
balancing me, searching
and stuff in between
If you had nothing to say now
I better hang up
or I might end up repeating
that I didn’t really have anything to say
if after this call you felt
a need to reach me
I’m sorry but you won’t
by then I’d be busy
and I’d appreciate a little space
of my own

© Jano Boscher
Jul 15th, 2010 11:02 pm