An Array of Colors

Gawad Kalinga is a movement in the Philippines that hopes to build decent communities for the poor. This photo is of one of the many Gawad Kalinga (GK) Villages you will find in the Philippines, located in Mandaluyong, just along the Pasig River. I took this photo earlier today from the other side of the river in Makati and since I moved in the city 9 years ago, I always wanted to take a photo of this humble village. These houses are built and painted by common people from different walks of life who volunteered to help.Gawad KalingaI remember being sent to this exact area when I was 17 for community service at school. I never got to do paint jobs or any of the fun duties and way back then, I never really understood the big fuss over helping other people build decent shelter for them to live. Today, the colors perfectly speak to me.

Gawad Kalinga II“Gawad kalinga” is Tagalog for “to nurture” or to “to care” or “to give refuge”.



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