Zambales, Philippines Feb 2011
Zambales, Philippines
Feb 2011

4 thoughts on “Capones

  1. This one, I think, needs to be straightened, which would be easy to do in just about any photo editing program. There should be a reason to make a picture crooked and I can’t find it for this picture. You titled it “Capones” but that doesn’t mean anything to me, and a Google search didn’t turn up anything relevant that could be reason for a sloping horizon.


    1. Capones is a tiny island in the North-Western Philippine Sea, just about 30 min from the shores of Zambales. I was actually hoping the sloped horizon could mimic the feeling I had taking the picture as I was in a rocking boat.


      1. Ah-ha! However, that’s most effective if you have something in the water—another boat, a buoy, a pelican, a seal— rather than looking at huge islands in the distance. In that picture, I think the islands are too overpowering because they definitely are the center of focus.


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