Film Review: Evil Dead 2013

Salutations, my bros & sisters in goriness & the macabre. If you thirst for some good ol’ teeth-clenching, muscle-tensing bloody goodness of the art of human disembodiment in films, try reliving ‪Sam Raimi‬’s vintage ‪Evil Dead through the 2013 remake by ‪‎Fede Alvarez‬. If you haven’t seen the 1981 original, before you’d feel like having heart attack before the movie ends – worry not, my friend – just like many other thriller that promisingly establish the horror at the beginning, the ending might strike as a little bit funny and almost clownish (to my taste at least), which must have not been as bad in the ’80s & considering how badly predictable these movies have been over the course of 3 decades. But it sure is not short of blood (you’d see that I meant that literally if you managed to stay conscious to see the final sequence). Enjoy!



What are your thoughts?

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