When did it all start? Let me recount the times.

Maybe it’s when you said “hi”
And I felt extremely shy
Perhaps it’s when you first smiled
And I swear, I could’ve died
Was it when I first heard you laugh?
Or burp like a cow (I loudly gasped)
Or that one night that I’ll live up
You slept gently on my lap
Could it be our first date?
I never knew then, could it be fate?
Perhaps it’s when together we first ate
And talked how a farm and a house could be built by faith
Maybe it’s when you let me
Squeeze your hands real tightly
I thought dreaming was for the silly
Until you came, saying, “Kiss me”
It’s when your voice started
Becoming music to my ears
It might be when you whispered:
“No more sadness, no more tears”
Perhaps it’s when I realized
Life’s shone brighter before my eyes
It was more than I fantasized
From then on, nothing’s disguised
Maybe it was the first fight
When at a corner I shuddered in fright
Nearly losing you was very much like
My body being robbed of life
You told me once beside you as I lied
That no loss was ever absolutely bad
That tears dry and fears die
Together joy was all we’d have
Ever since I started finding
Myself smiling, never brooding
To love deeply was what you taught me
Your love has kindly set me free
Now, when did it all start?
I do not even know
Save for one thing, I’m certain
With you, I’ll never be alone


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