A world doomed to die

is where I dwell
people profusely tumble
down from the top
of the pile
of each others’ foul
naked bodies
as tall as the sky
sweat, tears, blood mix
creating a thick
bond that hold them all

A man
stood on the top
with a lash
in one hand
an indisputable rage
on the other
ensuring suffering
for every soul

where I lied
his eyes pierced
making me bleed
even more than my body could
and right then I knew
my time was over

As I waited for my final tumble
along with other pathetic souls
my mind could not bear to think
how one could self-righteously
inflict so much pain
and how one could be so deserving
of such

voices echoed
people fell
towards the pit of foggy darkness
the sound of pain wounded my senses
it made me want to go
fall next
and end it

Inside me
was an angry screaming voice
contesting I didn’t deserve this
but also
a squeaky little hopeful one
begging for mercy
the man’s
focus was immobile
as if oblivion had
shielded all of his senses
and my turn
got closer
by the



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