Chest on the floor

pull both your hands 

slowly from the sides 


to the sides of your shoulders 

may you be on dirt 



or what have you 

feel the ground 

hear the throb from within 

gradually coming out 

shut your eyes (it’s as good as dark) 

do not pay attention  

to the noise 

or the uncomfortable silence, 

to the gaze from around you 

as if piercing from your back through 

pressing you down  

and limiting your strength 

the pain may be impossible 

wounds you’ll discover later on 

may even leave scars 

but (later on) 

as you look at them, feel them with your hands 

and try to remember when and  

how you got them 

they’ll be remembrance 

of something you will naturally forget 

as you clasp your hands 

just as slowly 

as you push 

your torso up 

you will feel tension 

around your arms 


it will seem 

small dots may start to appear 

on your forehead 

do not let them get in the way 

the worst 

part is over, 

you will realize, 

when you finally 

find the strength 

and ignore gravity (that no one really sees) 

to move your thighs up 

so that the knee touches 

the ground 

and supports you 

left first (or right) 

whichever instinct prefers 

then both 

You will immediately push (if not propel) further up 

with the help of your arms 

now stronger 

and shame-free 

before you know it 

(you’ll be amazed, hopefully, not surprised) 

you’ll be up on your feet 

once again 


What are your thoughts?

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