Wouldn’t it be nice

if the world ended today

we’d be stuck in a place

a room, for example

we hold hands

pray to some god

then earth would suddenly open

and all of us would just fall in its endless darkness

along with it’s soil and everything man built on top of it

wouldn’t it be nice

if it rained purely of lightning

no waters, not even wind

just good old dancing lights

and electrification

waking up every man’s senses

before fully exterminating them

or hey, wouldn’t it be nice too

if fire and ice struck everywhere

hitting every bodies small and big

crushing and burning all sorts of bones

until not even crumbles, but dusts

dance with the air

wouldn’t it be nice if this world died today

along with its hideousness brought upon

by people it nurtured

but did everything to make turn it into such

hostile place

then those who struggled would be some place else

far more more promising

and intact

just thought it’d be nice


What are your thoughts?

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