Dear You,

Remember the day
When I first had the idea
When I first thought of this plan
A pretty elaborate one
That from then and on
I’d pour every effort
To have a better look at this life
Well, I am still holding onto that word
It’s become a promise
I decided to make
For me, for you
You can call it a dream
An illusion if you want to be harsh
But it sure is something I still haven’t given up on
If I really was sleeping, now’s not the time to snap out of it just yet
I’ve been lonely
Very lonely, I’m sure you know that
But I get tired
This time I’ll try being OK
And have a good taste
Of this fondness people have for life
If you see me sad
I assure you it’s just an episode
If you see me angry
I ask you to understand
And hug me and tell me I can go on
And remind me that sometimes forgetting is a tool I can use at my disposal
It’s not the end,
I refuse to think that it is
And yes, that’s a flip of how I would say it before I started this dream
Weakness is a funny thing
During hours of its strength
Its existence seems to make so much sense
It had always been something I’d turn to
But no, not anymore
It’s hard though
And I thank you for helping me.


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