I called just to tell you

that I didn’t really have anything to say
I just found myself dialing your number
and talking to you now
In any case that you
would want to hear me speak
here I am now speaking
letting you hear me
with my voice all throaty
from hours of sleeping
and longer hours of thinking
If you wondered why I’d gone
for a time so long
I just wanted to say
I was looking for a long lost soul
which I thought I knew but I didn’t
that didn’t want to be found
by all means
if you had any question at all
as to why the soul became lost
please do ask
while you have me on the phone
I was sort of busy, you see
balancing me, searching
and stuff in between
If you had nothing to say now
I better hang up
or I might end up repeating
that I didn’t really have anything to say
if after this call you felt
a need to reach me
I’m sorry but you won’t
by then I’d be busy
and I’d appreciate a little space
of my own

© Jano Boscher
Jul 15th, 2010 11:02 pm


20 thoughts on “I called just to tell you

    1. When nobody wants to listen to us, we try to write down our feelings and it’s somehow talking to ourselves. And when we speak to ourselves, it becomes more of a listening than talking.


  1. rambling truths..down to the discomforts and re-examinations.. I think you pegged all of us that had to pick up the phone and call one more time..after it was over.. even if we were the ones to walk.. Nice write!!!

    Cheers~~~ Jen


  2. Thanks, you guys. I wrote this when I was going through a very difficult emotional situation and it only says a lot about human emotions being art in its plain form as I don’t think I had poured so much thought into this writing as much as I let my heart do the work.


    1. Oh yeah, that little device had been a friend to me and a great listener too when the person it served was just too busy to talk to me and it did not laugh at me at all no matter how pathetic I sounded..or perhaps it was just being polite.


  3. When everything you say is truth but doesn’t sound right and as you let it bounce around it takes on a rambling effect, which in itself is good except that it is easy to skirt the truth while your’re waitng and hoping for the other person to say what needs to be said. Otherwise it’s like talking to yourself and later you realize how empty and needy it sounded. I’ve talked to myself many times.

    I like the way you captured the feeling.


    1. I did not know a lot of people could identify with such sentiment. That made me feel normal. As I’ve heard from somebody I could not remember exactly: talking to one’s self is more of listening than talking.


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